Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mohair Locks Dyeing 2

Completed mohair dyeing session! This fiber is so lustrous, and takes the dyes so well. Can't wait to spin it up. Lots of possibilities!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mohair Locks Dyeing

In about 30 minutes, I dyed these mohair locks. I think they will look beautiful blended with other fibers, such as Border Leicester, on the blending board. I would like to create a pair of wristers, and a shawlette with these fibers. The mohair has taken the dye very well. I used a low water immersion dye bath on the stovetop with a 9x13 metal pan on 2 burners. A bit of citric acid was mixed into the dye stock, then poured over the simmering water and mohair mixture in the pan. Once the dyes strike, or attach to the fiber, the water runs clear. This occurs around 160 degrees, at a simmer. The fiber was soaked in a couple tablespoons of Synthrapol, before placing it into the dye pan. I have all my dye stocks premixed and stored in the basement in a plastic tub, with all the dye equipment as well, so that I can dye at a moments notice, and all my materials are "grab and go". I think organization is key, when you don't have a dedicated dyeing workshop! The greens are very intense, and will lighten up considerably when I blend the with the white Border Leicester wool fleece I have in mind. The resulting yarn will be a soft pastel variegated. Can't wait to try it!

Lace Shawl Progress

Here I am inserting a life line, so that if I make a mistake further on, I can rip back to the life line to find my place, and continue. This is a humbling experience, but I am learning a lot about how to read my knitting, so that I don't make mistakes so often. The other big thing I have found, is that you need to count your stitches to be sure you are on track. Stitch markers have become my best friend! I hope I can be considered an expert knitter after the project! At least, proficient! With lace, anyway! I am finding that there are so many techniques and ways of knitting as there are cultures in the world. I want to learn as many as I can! This is a lace shawl project, my first.