Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ashford 12" Knitter's Loom Review

I purchased this little rigid heddle loom last year with the thought that I would use it primarily for sampling before putting any project onto a larger loom. It is small and easy to transport from room to room, and that is nice when I want to sit down and work in my living room rather than in the studio, or perhaps out doors. The entire loom and stand break down easily, and fit into this tote bag! Another plus. After having woven on it a number of times, I have noticed that the warp beam in the back can ride up a bit, and require tightening of the knobs where the loom folds up. A little fiddly,  but overall, a great little loom for the price, and the portability and small size far outweigh the minor engineering issues. I ordered 2 reeds so that I could use 2 at a time, thereby allowing me more flexibility for warps with closer setts. I ordered the reeds in a variety of sizes, for sampling purposes, as well as the double heddle reed support blocks to accommodate them. We have since acquired a camper, and I am pleased to say, this little loom is perfect for,camper travel. Small, lightweight and portable in its tote bag, it is perfect 
to grab and go when we are ready to take off for any road trip. 


The blues are most undoubtedly from indigo dyed cottons, used in the original clothing. When they became ragged and worn out, they were cut up into thin strips and rewoven into new cloth which was then made into new garments. They are beautifully textured, and subtle in their color gradations.