Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Official Blog Posting!

Greetings! I am a new blogger, as of today. The goats are eating dinner, my table loom has been dragged out of the attic, and I am wondering where my son stored the old Crock-Pot cooker I gave him when he went away to college (somewhere in the attic, I suspect), so I can use it as my dedicated fiber-dyeing pot. I have been preoccupied with dyeing recently, and have ordered several DVD's on the topic, a "Professional Development" opportunity awaits for this summer! As an artist, I find the summers are my time to catch up on my field of interest, hopefully finding new ways to bring textiles into the classroom. My students LOVE weaving, and I am fortunate to have a floor loom available in my classroom for them to use. The most recent issue of Handwoven magazine had an article on bow looms which I would like to experiment with. I will post photos of our (very) mini-farm and animals soon. My herb garden needs watering, the goats are asking for more hay, and the dinner dishes need to be put away.......more tomorrow!

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