Sunday, February 24, 2013

Textural Patterned Scarf

Here is a fun and easy pattern! I have worked it up as a scarf, using commercial worsted weight yarn in an olive color way. This will go great with the new Liz Claiborne hooded wool coat I purchased on clearance this past month! It is a creamy white color, with a tie belt and patch pockets. Hmmm, think I will pull the look together with my olive colored cashmere and wool blend cabled mitts! This scarf was made up using 2 skeins (100grams or 3.5oz) of wool yarn. Simply knit in pattern until you have about 40" left, then bind off with this. Scarf is about 9 or 10 inches wide, and as long as you choose to knit it. Mine ended up about 4 and a half feet long.

Cast on with size 7 needles: 43 sts. Gauge not critical.
Knit as follows:

Row 1-k3 (p1, k3) repeat parentheses to the end
Row 2-k1 (p1, k3) repeat parentheses to end, ending with p1, k1. Following the instructions below, repeat these 2 rows in the order listed.

Row 3 repeat row 1 above
Row 4 repeat row 2 above
Row 5 1
Row 6. 2
Row 7. 2
Row 8. 1
Row 9. 2
Row 10. 1
Row 11. 2
Row 12. 1

Once you have completed all 12 rows, simply repeat them to the desired length of your scarf, and then bind off. This would be beautiful in handspun. A crisp but soft yarn, something with good stitch definition to show off the pattern. I'm thinking about a polwarth and silk blend.....perhaps I will try that next!

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