Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy 2016!

This sewing folder was made to use in my new "Hexie kit"! I am exploring hexagon quilting, and needed something that was extremely small and portable, to work on when traveling. This folder, and the Hexie supplies fit neatly into a small bag or box, and store efficiently in my duffle, backpack or tote bag, when out and about, or in our camper. And, it is always fun to find new fabric treasures while on the road, to add to the Hexie box. 
Began weaving this scarf on my 12" Ashford Rigid Heddle loom. Yarns, in sock weight, found in my stash, are in 2 color ways. The first, a soft baby blue, and the second, creating the windowpane plaid, in a self striping variegated. This is the resulting pattern. I like the way the variegated yarn breaks up the regularity of the check pattern. It appears more pronounced in the darker areas of the yarn, and less noticeable in the lighter blue and gray areas, that almost match the color of the solid yarn. It is set at 12-1/2 ends per inch, perfect for the sock weight yarn. 

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